10. October 2015


  • TaskRodinný dom

Detached House KREATIV 1

The size and disposition of this house corresponds to the needs of a 4 member family and its compactness fits a reasonable budget. The shape reflects the trends in contemporary wooden architecture, the need for heat loss reduction. It aims to naturally integrate the terrace into the living area in all seasons and use it to connect the interior with the garden. Large frameless glass openings strengthen the feeling of contact with the environment, making the window seating near the dining table a natural centrepiece. The ground floor offers enough free space for leisure activities as well as privacy and undisturbed work environment. Upstairs there are children bedrooms and the main bedroom with closet and bathroom, all of them arranged effectively without any unusable areas. The attic is open and can be used as a storage space or as a seasonal studio. The facade is made of timber boards and the whole house is designed according to low energy standards. The first implementation was initiated in January 2013.

Author: Ing. Arch Lukáš Pejsar